Do YOU Have a Special Message, Book or Program That The Media Needs to Know About?

Then You'll Definitely
Want To Join Us!

Lights Camera Interview

Ann DeVere
Ann DeVere
Executive Producer
"Access To Experts" TV

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Hi, I'm Ann DeVere,

I’m hosting a “Meet The Press” party and
you’re invited.  

You will experience your star studded moment
as you:
- Walk down the red carpet
- Pose for the photographers
- Be interviewed by THE PRESS

You'll meet high level reporters on our press panel and learn what it takes to get a "yes" on their show, in their column or on the cover of their magazine.

If you want to get interviewed by the media, you need
to know how to stand out among the hundreds, if not
thousands of others who are competing for their attention.

Meet The Press LIVE is where you’ll meet:

  • The Press and Reporters
    who will interview you on the spot
  • TV & Radio producers
    who are eagerly looking for experts like YOU
    to have on their shows
  • Social Media Reporters and Bloggers
    who will tweet and post about you in real time
    standing right next to you

That’s exactly the kind of Power Networking Party we are throwing once a month and you're invited!

"Meet The Press LIVE" is where special guests, including Celebrities, Speakers, Authors, Experts from variety of industries and Entertainment Press get together to Interview and Be Interviewed at a super fun party!

YOU could be selected to Be Interviewed by a The PRESS
and/or by an “Access To Experts” TV magazine reporter,
so come ready to see and BE SEEN. 

You  get to Have Fun, Be Interviewed and Get Media Exposure.
You can also win great prizes!

So Grab YOUR Camera and Join Us!!!

Lights Camera Interview


Lights Camera Interview

Lights Camera Interview

Lights Camera Interview
Lights Camera Interview
Lights Camera Interview


During Meet The Press LIVE! 
YOU could be selected to Be Interviewed 
by a Guest Reporter or  “Access To Experts”  
TV magazine reporter, so come ready to see

Whether your expertise is related to:

  • Business Growth
  • Health & Wellness
  • Sustainability
  • Empowerment
  • Leisure
  • Altruism
  • and everything in between –

You’ll come away with valuable new ideas for
harnessing the power of VIDEO to monetize
YOUR expertise through Global Visibility

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Ann DeVere
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